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Unlike other European basketball leagues, the Lega Basket Serie A has been around for many decades as it was founded in 1920. Even though the league did not receive much attention during its early years, things have changed in the nineties when a significant number of European players established themselves in the NBA.


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Nowadays, the Lega Basket Serie A features 16 teams from Italy who are playing each other in a round-robin stage for 8 playoff spots. With a total of 20 championships and another 14 Finals appearances, AJ Milano currently holds the record for being the most successful team in Italy. However, it should be mentioned that Montepaschi Siena became everyone’s favorite to win it all over the past years. In fact, the team from Tuscany managed to win the title three times in a row between 2006 and 2009. The high level of play led to the league being rewarded with a total of four Euroleague spots which ranks among the best in Europe. In 2008-09, Montepaschi Siena, AJ Milano, Air Avellino and Lottomatica Roma represented the Lega Basket Serie A in the prestigious Euroleague competition.


However, the primary reason why the Lega Basket Serie A continuously receives attention from overseas is the amount of talented players that appeared in the league over the past decade. More specifically, well-known NBA players such as Andrea Bargnani, Marco Bellinelli, Mike D’Antoni, Toni Kukoc, Danilo Gallinari and Dejan Bodiroga played in the Lega Basket Serie A before heading to North America.


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Likewise, the league has become a popular destination for talented young players from the United States who opt to play professionally after high school instead of choosing the traditional college route. In 2009, point guard Brandon Jennings was drafted as 10th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks after playing one year for Lottomatica Roma.


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Posted: 12th August 2009

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