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Founded in 2001, the NLB league is a relatively young supranational league that features various teams of the Adriatic countries competing for the title every year. More specifically, the league is made up of 12 teams from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. Given the fact that Euroleague teams such as Partizan Belgrad, Olimpios Ljubljana and Cibona Zagreb play in the NLB there is a fairly high density of excellent basketball games to be seen each year.


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Much like other domestic basketball leagues in Europe, the system includes a regular season round-robin stage with each team playing a total of 22 games. Afterwards, the better teams compete in a playoff stage to determine the winner of the NLB. Unlike other European competitions, the NLB playoffs are simply a ‘Final Eight’ Bracket played over one weekend consisting of knock-out games instead of real playoff series. Although the league does not feature the level of play seen in the NBA, the NLB has proven to be an excellent scouting stage for young talent. Players such as Vlade Divac, Nenad Krstic and Rasho Nesterovich used to play for NLB teams before being drafted into the NBA.


In recent years, KK Partizan Belgrad turned out to be the most dominant force in the NLB and managed to win the title three times in a row between 2007 and 2009. Due to Partizan’s success on both the domestic and international level, the teams has been invited to play the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets in autumn 2009 during the NBA pre-season. Even though it is debatable whether a clash of teams being used to different basketball rule sets is a good idea, the exhibition games certainly demonstrate how the NLB established their name abroad.


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Join now and watch your favorite team live every weekend. All NLB games will be broadcasted live, featuring stars like Petar Božic, Edin Bavcic and Nikola Prkacin. Featuring various Euroleague teams, the Adriatic NLB league has constantly been improving its level of play over the past years.


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Posted: 12th August 2009

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