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Already founded in 1954, the Israeli Basketball Super League is one of the oldest domestic basketball leagues around Europe. Without any doubts, Israeli basketball has made a lot of progress over the past decade. On one hand, the sport has become more popular in Israel which led to a number of young and talented players. On the other hand, the excellent financial situation of some clubs competing in the first division has attracted numerous stars from around the world. Although Israel is situated in the Middle East, the country’s basketball teams are competing in European competitions and thus are commonly associated with European basketball.


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The annually held league consists of eight teams playing each other in a round-robin system during the regular season. Subsequently a ‘Final Four’ weekend takes place featuring the best four teams competing for the title. Furthermore, the two teams finishing seventh and eight respectively are relegated to the second division.


When it comes to discussing the Israeli Basketball Super League it is inevitable to come across the outstanding success of Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv. On a domestic level Maccabi Tel Aviv holds an impressive record of winning the title 47 times out of 54 seasons. But even more importantly, Maccabi gained international attention due their past performance in the Euroleague. More specifically, the team managed to win the title five times while reaching the finals another eight times. Having featured various future NBA players such as Anthony Parker, Beno Udrih, Maceo Baston and Will Bynum, the club lured many NBA scouts to Israel. Likewise, Maccabi Tel Aviv became the first European team to defeat a NBA team on their home court when Maccabi clinched a 105-103 preseason win versus the Toronto Raptors in 2005.


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Posted: 15th May 2009

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