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Without any doubts, the Russian Basketball Super League has been receiving significant attention over the past few years. Arguably featuring the most dominant team in recent Euroleague history, CSKA Moscow and the Russian Basketball Super league have proven that Russian basketball can compete with the great domestic leagues of Greece and Spain. More specifically, the Super League managed to lure former NBA players across the pond such as Jorge Garbajosa and Carlos Delfino who both signed contracts with Russian side BC Khimski last summer. The extremely competitive level of play in Russia is best illustrated by past exhibition games between Super League and NBA teams, such as the 96-75 win of CSKA Moscow over the Los Angeles Clippers in 2006.


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The league was founded in 1992, and currently features 12 teams competing for the title every year. There is very little dispute over which team may be the best since CSKA Moscow managed to win the championship 15 out of 17 times the competition was held. However, it should be noted that CSKA Moscow has faced tougher resistance in the past few years with the emergence of BC Khimki and Dynamo Moscow.


One major factor that has brought more attention to the Russiand Basketball Super League is the fact that the sky-rocketing salaries attracted a number of excellent international players to play in Russia. For instance, Argentina Olympic gold medalist and former NBA pro Carlos Delfino signed a contract with BC Khimki for approximately $13 million over 3 years. Likewise, many players of the CSKA Moscow star ensemble refuse to consider going to the NBA due to low rookie salaries that cannot compete with their current payroll in Russia.


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Join now and watch your favorite Super League team live every weekend. All Russian Super league games will be broadcasted live, featuring stars such as J.R. Holdem, Carlos Delfino, Matjaž Smodiš and Ramunas Šiškauskas. Being one the toughest domestic basketball leagues in Europe, the Russian Basketball Super League and powerhouse CSKA Moscow continue to showcase an excellent level of play.


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Posted: 29th May 2009

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