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Detroit Pistons                          Chicago Bulls
Tuesday 11th January 01:00 - 03:30 GMT


Without any doubts, the Pistons' investment into Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon last year backfired as the franchise from Michigan stumbled to a lottery finish in 2009-10. However, the Detroit Pistons will nonetheless do their best to secure a win on the road versus Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls on Sunday at midnight GMT.


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Since Carlos Boozer will be sidelined for another month by a hand injury, the Bulls are desperately trying to improve their limited offense with the All-Star forward out of the picture. Especially point guard Derrick Rose will have to lead the team in order to help the squad of coach Tim Thibodeau to a good start into this year's NBA campaign. That being said, the Bulls are still the better overall team than the struggling Pistons who will probably have a tough time avoiding a road loss versus Derrick Rose and company on Sunday night.


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Posted: 11th January 2011

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