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Saturday 8th January 01:00 - 03:30 GMT


Without any doubts, the Houston Rockets severely suffered from injuries of their key players over the past years. Entering this year’s preseason without Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, the Texans will face a tough challenge when they head to Orlando to take on the Magic on Friday at 11 p.m. GMT.


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Unlike the Rockets, the Orlando Magic underlined their contender role during the off-season. Most importantly, the team around All-Star center Dwight Howard managed to acquire Vince Carter in a trade with the Nets that sent Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston to New Jersey. Moreover, the Magic were able to sign power forward Brandon Bass from the Dallas Mavericks as well as re-signing backup center Marcin Gortat for the full MLE. Thus, Stan van Gundy will most likely sent a competitive starting five consisting of Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass and Dwight Howard to the floor.


In contrast, Houston had to deal with a number of unpleasant issues throughout the summer. More specifically, the Rockets’ medical staff announced that franchise centerpiece Yao Ming will most likely have to sit-out the entire year due to a foot injury suffered in the Western Conference Finals versus the Lakers last season. To make things even worse, the team is also heading into the new NBA campaign without Tracy McGrady who is not expected to be at full strength before late November. Moreover, the Rockets lost hard-nosed small forward Ron Artest to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, but were able to sign Trevor Ariza using their MLE. In order to fill the void at the center position, GM Daryl Morey signed former draft pick David Andersen who spent the last five years playing for Euroleague powerhouse CSKA Moscow and Spanish side FC Barcelona.


Given the directions both franchises are heading, the Orlando Magic can rightfully be considered to enter this match-up as favorites in front of their home crowd at Amways Arena. Dwight Howard and Vince Carter will inevitably draw double-teams which will most likely provide Orlando’s three point shooters with plenty of open shots from beyond the arc. While the Houston Rockets are hoping to overcome the Magic with a team effort, it remains to be seen whether they can stay within striking distance throughout the game.


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Posted: 23rd November 2008

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The Houston Rockets are right now the 3rd team of the Western Conference and among the 5 games that they have played so far they won 3 and lost the other two. They had won against the Memphis Grizzlies 82-71 on the 29th of October, the Dallas Mavericks 112-102 on the 30th of October and the Oklahoma City Thunder 89-77 on the 1st of November. They lost the other two games against the Boston Celtics 103-99 and the Portland Trail Blazers 101-99.


The Orlando Magic team is right now occupying the 8th position of the Eastern Conference and among the 5 games they have played so far they have also won 3 and lost the other 2. They managed to win against the Sacramento Kings 121-103 on the 1st of November, the Chicago Bulls 96-93 on the 3rd of November and the Philadelphia 76ers 98-88 on the 6th of November. They lost games against the Atlanta Hawks 85-99 and the Memphis grizzlies 84-86.


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Posted: 8th January 2011

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