Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers Live

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Los Angeles Lakers                          Los Angeles Clippers
Sunday 16th January 20:30 - 23:00 GMT


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The Los Angeles Clippers are currently occupying the fourth position among the Pacific participants and they have won 3 games so far as well as lost four. They have lost 4 streaks and so far have managed to gain 93.8 points. The preseason of the NBA shows one thing very clearly and that is the Los Angeles Clippers plan to pose a very string opposition and they are ready to give a real fight. They ended last season as the fifth team of their division and so are preparing to make a come back.


On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers are leading the Pacific division and have a preseason record of 5-2 win loss. They have won 5 streaks and gained 108.6 points so far. They are a real strong contenders of the NBA 2008-09 season and a game of their’s can not be missed at any cost.


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Posted: 16th January 2011

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