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Milwaukee Bucks                          Cleveland Cavaliers
Saturday 22nd January 00:30 - 03:00 GMT


Given the fact that the Bucks are roughly missing half of their players due to various injuries, there is very little not like about the way Milwaukee has been playing so far. Led by sophomore point guard Brandon Jennings, the Bucks showcased outstanding defense, holding their opponents to just 91 points per contest. Thus, Ersan Ilyasova and the Milwaukee Bucks will visit the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday at 11 p.m. GMT.


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Albeit the Cavs lost former MVP LeBron James this summer, Mo Williams and company seem to be dedicated to do their best to avoid finishing this year's NBA campaign in the lottery. More specifically, Cleveland managed to win 4 out of 6 in the preseason as they continued to play excellent team defense and made life difficult for their opponents. Considering that Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison played hardly any preseason basketball, the Cavaliers could have a better year than most fans around the league expect. Either way, Cleveland will try to secure its fifth preseason win versus the shorthanded Bucks on Thursday night.


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Posted: 22nd January 2011

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