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New Orleans Hornets                          Oklahoma City Thunder
Tuesday 30th November 01:00 - 03:30 GMT


While the Thunder might just be 3-2 in preseason play, the young team around Kevin Durant can be expected to be ready to roll on opening night. Especially shooting guard James Harden improved over the summer and will most likely see more playing time in 2010-11 than last year. Thus, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder will host the New Orleans Hornets on Friday at midnight GMT.


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Given the fact that the Hornets were hoping to establish themselves in the upper echelon of the Western Conference when they acquired small forward Trevor Ariza from the Los Angeles Lakers, the team around Chris Paul evidently still has a lot of work ahead of it. More specifically, New Orleans posted an unsatisfying 1-5 record in the first two weeks of preseason play and has yet to live up to the expectations of its fans. That said, the Hornets are a better team on paper than last year and should be able to find their rhythm sooner or later. Nonetheless, New Orleans is about to face a very tough challenge when they play Kevin Durant and company on Friday night.


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Posted: 30th November 2010

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