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Phoenix Suns                          Sacramento Kings
Wednesday 30th March 01:00 - 03:30 GMT


Hoping for their young team around Tyreke Evans to continue to mature, the Kings are confidently heading to the upcoming NBA campaign. Looking to find their rhythm early in the preseason, the Sacramento Kings will take on Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday at 2 a.m. GMT.


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In contrast, the Suns are coming off a surprising appearance in the Western Conference Finals and a tumultuous off-season in which former franchise cornerstone Amar'e Stoudemire left the team to play in New York. However, Phoenix managed to pull off a blockbuster deal with the Toronto Raptors that sent Hedo Turkoglu to Arizona in exchange for Leandro Barbosa. Likewise, the Suns' management was able to acquire free agents Josh Childress and Hakim Warrick. That said, it remains to be seen whether said moves will be enough to compensate for the loss of All-Star forward Amar'e Stoudemire, let alone repeating last year's post-season success. Either way, basketball fans around the world can expect an exciting game when two teams who like to push the ball meet on Wednesday night.


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Posted: 30th March 2009


Watch Phoenix Suns vs Sacramento Kings live basketball online via the live nba streams available to you as a member at where live basketball games are featured each and every day of the NBA regular season. As a subscriber you will be able to watch Phoenix Suns live games directly on your home or office PC. The Suns have been a very interesting team during the 2008-2009 nba season with Shaq in the fold but still sit on the outside looking in with respect to a playoffs spot. NBA channel live streaming of this basketball contest gets underway from the US Airways Center this coming Monday, the 30th March 2009 at 02:00 GMT.


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The Suns come into this home contest needing to win pretty much ever game left this season. Alvin Gentry has struggled to keep the club in the playoff hunt in what has turned out to be a very disappointing division. In fact, the Pacific Division has already seen 3 of its 5 members- the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings all be eliminated from the playoffs. The Suns have been 15 to 20 games behind the Lakers in the standings are represent the only other club in the division with a record over .500.


The Kings have had an awful season and all that's left for them at this point is to try to avoid finishing with the worst record in the league. Over their first 70 games this year they managed just 15 wins to go with 55 losses and this includes a record of 5 wins and 31 losses on the road.


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