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Portland Trail Blazers                          Los Angeles Lakers
Monday 21st March 02:30 - 05:00 GMT


Considering that centers Grego Oden and Joel Pryzbilla are both sidelined by lengthy injuries, the Blazers certainly showed their depth as they won four out of six games so far. Hoping to steal one on the road, Brandon Roy and the Portland Trail Blazers will play the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday at 1:30 a.m. GMT.


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Two weeks into the season, the Lakers look very dedicated to defend their title and win their third consecutive championship in 2010-11. More specifically, Kobe Bryant and company posted a 5-0 record to start the season and steamrolled their opponents without any problems. Averaging nearly 114 points per game, the Lakers' triangle-offense has been extremely efficient so far. Especially All-Star Pau Gasol has been playing phenomenal, putting up 23.8 points, 11.0 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.6 blocks per contest. Therefore, Los Angeles will be the undisputed favorite when the Blazers are in town on Monday night.


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Posted: 29th October 2008


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Currently the Portland Trail Blazers are in the 4th position among the Northwest standings as they have lost 1 stream so far and are 4-3 win-loses. Compared to their opponents the team has got 95.4 points. This team has been the youngest among the other NBA teams for the past 2 seasons and they ended last season as third in the Northwest Standings.


The Los Angeles Lakers, on the other hand, are occupying the 1st position in the Pacific Standings. They have won 5 games and lost 2 and they have won 5 streaks. The team has 108.6 points so far. They were the runner-up last season and had ended as the first among the Pacific participants.


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Fans and basketball lovers all over are predicting that the Los Angeles Lakers will be performing really good on this day and they have a higher chance to win against Portland Trail Blazers. There is no point missing out on this exciting game. In order to be able to catch up on all the live action from the game subscribe to www.watchlivenba.com without further delay.


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