Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic Live

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Los Toronto Raptors                          Orlando Magic
Saturday 22nd January 00:00 - 02:30 GMT


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The Toronto Raptors are currently occupying the 8th position of the Eastern Conference and they have played 7 games so far among which they have won 4 games and have lost the other 3. They won against the Philadelphia 76ers 95-84, the Golden State Warriors 112-108, the Milwaukee Bucks 91-87 and the Charlotte Bobcats 89-79. They three games that they lost were against the Detroit Pistons 93-100, the Atlanta Hawks 92-110 and the Boston Celtics 87-94.


The Orlando Magic is now the 6th team of the Eastern Conference and so far they have played 7 games as well. They have won 4 and lost 3 games just like the Toronto Raptors. They have won the matches against the Sacramento Kings 121-103, the Chicago Bulls 96-93, the Philadelphia 76ers 98-88 and the Washington Wizards 106-81. They have lost the games against the Atlanta Hawks 85-99, the Memphis Grizzlies 84-86 and the Portland Trail Blazers 99-106. This team is showing enough potentials and the NBA fans as well as the basketball experts are putting up a lot of hope on the Orlando Magic team.


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Posted: 22nd January 2011

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