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Miami Heat                          Milwaukee Bucks
Saturday 8th January 01:30 - 04:00 GMT


After a surprising victory over the Dallas Mavericks, the Milwaukee Bucks are holding on to the eight seed in the East despite a rather disappointing 13-18 record three months into the season. About to face another extremely difficult challenge, the Milwaukee Bucks will host Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat on Saturday 1:30 a.m.GMT.


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Whereas the Heat rightfully received a lot of criticism early in the season, the team around LeBron James subsequently improved by leaps and bounds as they started sharing the ball and played as a team. Likewise, forward Mike Miller is finally back on the floor and could become an important part of coach Erik Spoelstra’s squad down the stretch. Led by the individual talent of Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, the Heat’s role players will have to accept their role and benefit from the abundance of open looks created by opposing teams double-teaming Miami’s stars. Given the way Dwayne Wade and company have been playing as of late, there is no doubt that the Heat will be everyone’s favorites entering their match-up with the Bucks on Saturday night.


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Posted: 8th January 2011

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