Eisvoegel USC Freiburg v SV Halle Lions Live

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The SV Halle Lions is currently the second team in the league table and they, along with the leading team TV Saarlouis Royals, have won all 12 games that they have played so far. They have given away 386 baskets and themselves have scored 490 baskets. They ended last season being in the 6th position and they had won a total of 18 games and lost the other 22 games during the entire tournament.


Eisvoegel USC Freiburg is right now the 10th team and they have won just 2 games so far losing the other 10. They have given away 448 baskets and have scored 410 baskets. Last season they were the 5th team at the final standings and had won 20 games and lost the other 20. They ended last season being in a better position than their opponents and so they will try to get ahead of the other teams this year as well.


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Posted: 9th November 2008

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