When you are looking for live basketball and NBA events this is the place where you need to be – USA’s best source for live basketball events. Our priority is to bring to your desktop all your favorite teams and players live online. In order to watch live NBA you will only need to join our website with a one-time fee and this gives you unlimited access to live basketball for one whole year. The subscriber would never even have to purchase any software or hardware.

Today, we have lots of members and the moment you join and buy our package you get full access to the member area where you can get the latest games, and much more by the simple click of a button.

Our package provides you with freedom that you had always wanted – you can always tune in to your favorite game at any time you want. If only you have an internet connection and a laptop or a desktop you will be able to enjoy and watch live basketball no matter where you are and at the same time you would never have to worry about running out of funds or about expensive bills.

Now if you are worried about the quality and sound of the picture that you get we can assure you that it will be to your satisfaction. We provide high-quality full screen picture and sound for which you will need to buy no additional hardware at all. If it is Windows that you are using then our service is fully compatible with it but if you have any problems you can always contact our dedicated staff at our support team who will provide you with the best advises. We value our customers and therefore we will provide the software completely for free.

Some of the most common questions about our website are listed below:

What makes Watch Live NBA different from other copycat sites?

Here it is all about this beautiful game called basketball and we have no hidden charges as we place all information upfront and that too for a set fee.

It is at Watch Live NBA that you find appreciation for your love of basketball and your basketball madness and when there is an important match like the Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers we make sure that you do not miss it by tuning into Watch Live NBA TV.

Our services do not come from any questionable sources as does the services of many websites and we always respect all the rights of the organizers and at the same time manage to provide high quality pictures and sound, uninterrupted for your pleasure and entertainment.

Is the service offered by Watch Live NBA legal?

Watch Live NBA is bound by all the laws and therefore assures you that here you get to watch live basketball without any sort of trouble. Here you never get any links to download anything illegal either.

Watch Live NBA provides streaming video in courtesy of third party providers and this is legal practice where the providers are based.

The valued members we have can also be a great proof to the fact that we are a perfectly legal service here for the basketball fans.

Should I buy any new hardware to access content offered by Watch Live NBA?

All you would need to access the games here is a system and internet connection and your pc need not be high-end either. For best quality picture and sound broadband connection is suggested but even dial-up and satellite connections will do.

I am based outside of the USA. Can I still watch my favorite games?

Location is not a barrier when it comes to Watch Live NBA TV and so you can watch the games live online from anywhere. 35% of our members are from outside the USA and some live as far as U.K.

Can I catch International games on Watch Live NBA?

Yes you can. All kinds of international games and tournaments are covered here at our site and you can always send in your request if you feel that we are missing out on a great match.

My friend is also interested in this great service. Can he use my account as well?

For security reasons we allow access of an account by a single user and so if a friend of yours is interested you might ask him to join Watch Live NBA TV as well.

We warn ahead that we track IP addresses and any account which violates the terms of our website will be suspended immediately.

What payment methods do you accept?

Plimus is what we use as our payment method as it is the best medium of online money transaction. We also accept credit card payments through a secure and encrypted merchant account.

What else do I need to know?

Nothing at all! Simply go to Click Here to Join Now and get access to all your favorite basketball games. For any questions contact us and within two working days we will get in touch with you.

Enjoy Live Basketball Online at Watch Live NBA.

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