Corie Blount in Trouble

Corie BlountButler County Sheriff Richard Jones has recently caught former NBA player Corie Blount with charge of felony drug possession. Blount was impounded with 29 pounds of marijuana.


Besides the possession of marijuana, Jones also found about $29500 cash, three guns and some luxurious cars from his possession. A $10,090 bond was filled by Blount for his release. If Blount is found guilty, he may have to face one to five years prison.


Blount had started his career with NBA in 1993 and it was the Chicago Bulls that had picked him up and had given him the opportunity to prove his skills. He later on played for many other teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors. His NBA career span was of about eleven years.


Recently he was coaching at Cincinnati State voluntarily. As he was a good learner in Basketball, he continued his efforts to learn criminal justice. This year he was awarded degree in criminal justice.


He is in trouble with all the charges mentioned above and he has appointed an attorney to defend himself against the court. The fans are really eager to know as to how the things turn out for him and this will have an impact on the reputation of the teams he had been a part of for sure.

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Posted: 7th December 2008

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