Marbury hoping to join the Wizards

Stephon MarburyThere have been numerous discussions about Stephon Marbury’s future throughout the season, but it does not look like the dilemma around the former All-Star is going to end soon. After being suspended from the Knicks’ roster at the beginning of the season his market value has constantly been decreasing over the year.


Despite his frequent claims that he just wants to play basketball it took him until the last month of the season to agree on a contract buy-out with the New York Knicks. After being released he decided to join the Boston Celtics as backup point guard and was hoping to help the defending champions to win another title. However, things did not work out as planned, both for the Celtics as a team and for Marbury as an individual. Averaging 19.3 points and 7.6 assists per game in his career, he used to be a key player and starter throughout his time in the NBA. In contrast, in the 23 games he played with the Celtics this season he was only able to put up 3.8 points and 3.3 assists per game in limited minutes. Thus, it seems highly unlikely that he will be able to land a big contract over the summer, especially when one considers the problems he caused off the court over the last years.


Nonetheless, he is still capable of playing as starting point guard for some teams struggling to find a playmaker. As of now, a very likely scenario appears to be Marbury joining the Wizards provided he is willing to accept a relatively small contract that would not push Washington over the salary cap. More specifically, Stephon Marbury is said to get along very well with Wizards’ head coach Flip Saunders who would like to have him on the roster. The most significant problem for such a move would be the contracts of Washington’s current point guards Mike James and Javaris Crittenton. However, if the franchise is willing to trade one of the said players they could end up with a promising backcourt. Adding Marbury as starting point guard would allow them to move Gilbert Arenas to the 2-guard position and thus leave the team with two guards very capable of dishing out assists and creating ball movement.


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Posted: 27th May 2009

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