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Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors Live
Sunday 3rd April 02:30 - 05:00 GMT While Golden State has been playing better basketball in 2010-11 than in the last two years, there is still pl...
3rd April 2011
Dallas Mavericks v New Orleans Hornets Live
Thursday 10th March 01:00 - 03:30 GMT While the Hornets dropped six of their last ten games, they are still in the race for home-court advantage,...
10th March 2011
Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets Live
Tuesday 12th April 00:30 - 03:00 GMT Even though many experts around the league expected the Dallas Mavericks to continue to struggle defensiv...
13th February 2011
Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks Live
Friday 28th January 01:30 - 04:00 GMT Having posted a mediocre 21-25 record up to this point, things have not been going as planned for the Rocke...
28th January 2011
Dallas Mavericks v New Jersey Nets Live
Sunday 23rd January 00:00 - 02:30 GMT Without any doubts, things could not have been any worse for the New Jersey Nets in the first month of this...
23rd January 2011
Dallas Mavericks v Cleveland Cavaliers Live
Monday 3rd January 00:00 - 02:30 GMT Whereas the Cavs played reasonably well at the beginning of the season, the team around Antawn Jamison has b...
3rd January 2011
Wizards resign Josh Howard
For many years the Dallas Mavericks were hoping to make a championship run with Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitzki leading the team, yet things did not wor...
17th August 2010
Mavs miss out on Carlos Boozer
15th January 2010
Mavs and Hawks off to a surprisingly good start
Before the season got underway, most experts reasoned that the Eastern Conference would be dominated by the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and Clevelan...
18th December 2009
Josh Howard Back In Action
Well Josh Howard appears to be back on the court. The Dallas Mavericks player participated in a scrimmage game on Wednesday, which was his first time ...
15th October 2009

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