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Slovenia v Australia Live
Without any doubts, Goran Dragic and company got off to an excellent start as they were only defeated by the United States in the group stage. Th...
5th September 2010
Slovenia v Croatia Live
Without any doubts, anything else than advancing to the elimination round would be a huge disappointment for Croatia as the team is under conside...
30th August 2010
Slovenia v USA Live
Even though the United States are the undisputed favorites to win it all, the team around Kevin Durant will most likely have to play up to its fu...
29th August 2010
Slovenia v Spain Live
While some teams are missing key NBA players, Slovenia and Spain will be able to send very competitive squads to the 2010 FIBA World Championship...
10th August 2010
Turkey v Slovenia Live
Thus far, the teams of Slovenia and Turkey had an excellent run in the preliminary round and are entering the qualifying round as favorites to ad...
16th September 2009
Spain v Slovenia Live
Being one of the favorites to win it all at the 2009 FIBA Eurobasket the Spanish national team is under considerable pressure to perform well in ...
9th September 2009

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