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Clinching an important win in game two, it looked like TAU Ceramica would be ready to contain Regal’s dangerous offense. However, things turned out to be much more difficult on the road which led to an 85-67 blowout win for Barcelona in their first home game of the series. Being down 1-2, TAU Ceramica is hoping to prevent Barcelona from taking a decisive two game lead in game four on Thursday at 7:15 p.m. GMT.


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While TAU did an excellent job on the defensive end of the floor in game two, they were not able to force Barcelona into contested jumpshots on Tuesday night. But even more importantly their offense lacked any flow and consistent ball movement which led to a fairly bad shot selection and a total of 15 turnovers. Although TAU was able to stay in striking distance throughout the first quarter, Barca managed to pull away in the second and never came close to losing their momentum for the rest of the game. Ultimately, Xavier Pascual’s squad was able to cruise to a relatively easy 18-point home win.


For Barcelona Ersan Ilyasova led all scores with 19 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists in just over 24 minutes of playing time. Likewise, Gianluca Basile also finished the game with 19 points including an impressive 5-of-7 shooting performance from three point range. Franchise player Juan Carlos Navarro did not have a great shooting night but was still able to put up 10 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. In contrast, TAU’s Argentine point guard Pablo Prigioni was the only player for the Basques who played well and finished the game with 12 points.


Without any doubts, TAU Ceramica will have to play much better in game four if they want to avoid falling into a two game gap which would probably eliminate their championship ambitions. Even though their defense was mediocre at best in game three, their offense turned out to be even worse. Finishing the game with three times as many turnovers as assists is simply inexcusable no matter how good Barcelona’s team defense might have been. Especially key players Igor Rakocevic and Tiago Splitter will have to improve significantly to help TAU Ceramica to stay in the series.


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You can watch game four of the ACB League finals right here on www.watchlivenba.com, the home of live NBA streaming. Leading the ACB Finals series 2-1, Barcelona is hoping to extend their lead in game four at home on Thursday night.


Posted: 16th June 2009


After a tough 2-point loss at home, TAU Ceramica managed to bounce back in game two of the ACB League Finals with a convincing 75-67 win. Thus, FC Regal Barcelona will host TAU in their home opener on Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. GMT.


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Dusko Ivanovic’s squad had to deal with a tremendous amount of pressure after their home loss in game one, but came out of the locker room with a lot of energy to start game two. Enjoying a comfortable 8-point lead at the end of the first quarter, Barcelona started to slowly creep back into the game in the second. In fact, Barca was able to tie the game at 33-33 when the half-time buzzer rang. However, TAU Ceramica headed into the second half with a sense of urgency and started pulling away in the third to never look back. Ultimately, they were able to hold on to a 75-67 win to even the series at one game each. One key aspect was Brazilian franchise centerpiece Tiago Splitter being back in the lineup after sitting out game one due to back problems. Despite only putting up 6 points and grabbing 6 boards his presence on the defensive end was much needed to prevent Barcelona from scoring 80+ points again.


Igor Rakocevic led all scores with 22 points and 4 assists for TAU Ceramica. Likewise, Pete Mickeal came up big in the fourth and finished the game with a total of 19 points and 9 rebounds. In contrast, former NBA player Juan Carlos Navarro led Barcelona with 21 points but was not able to play the dominant role he had in the first game of the series.


Looking forward to game three on Tuesday, the pressure still is on TAU as they lost home-court advantage. So far it seems like controlling the paint is crucial for either team to come away with a win. More specifically, Barcelona was able to take advantage of Splitter not being active in the low-post in game one and exploited TAU Ceramica by constantly driving to the basket. On the other hand, TAU was able to make Regal Barcelona a jump-shooting team instead of allowing easy points close to the hoop in the second game of the ACB finals.   


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You can watch game three of the ACB League finals right here on www.watchlivenba.com, the home of live NBA streaming. With the series being tied at one game a piece, TAU Ceramica will head to Barcelona for game three of the ACB League Finals.


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Posted: 18th June 2009

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