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Watch live nba basketball online with your membership at, your number one source on the net for basketball live streaming. As a member you will have instant access to the top basketball games on the internet from the comfort of your home or office PC. All members enjoy access to the most reliable basketball streaming live video links available. Not only will you be able to follow all the live basketball games in the most important league in the world, the National Basketball Association or NBA, but you will also be able to follow NCAA basketball where the stars of tomorrow shine today. This means you will be able to follow the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol throughout the season. All the top teams and rivalries will be at your finger tips each and every game night. Be it the 76ers live, the Lakers or the Boston Celtics live, you will now have the ability to follow your favorite team all year long.

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At, the live basketball streaming does not stop with North America or the NBA live. With your subscription you can also watch live video feeds of the top European leagues such as Spain's Liga ACB, the Italian Lega Basket Serie A and the very popular league of Israeli basketball known as the Ligat HaAl live. Most of these matches are not available on tv and the amount of live streaming basketball video which you will have access to watching is unprecedented. If you thought live NBA, live NCAA basketball and the top European basketball leagues were a lot, it is just the beginning of the streaming live basketball video feeds that you will have access to on a nightly basis. As part of your subscription you will also have access to live international basketball games including the qualifiers for the European Championships, the FIBA world championships and Olympic qualifying .The basketball live streaming does not stop there as the WNBA is also part of the viewing package you will have access to. The WNBA is the most prestigious women's basketball competition in the world featuring stars such as Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker and the legendary Lisa Leslie.

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We are confident that after joining you will agree that the viewing options available to you will provide you with the most comprehensive basketball coverage anywhere on the internet. We have strive to to provide you with the most reliable streams so that you are able to view live basketball games and live basketball news programs with any interruptions. We provide you all the software necessary to access the the live streaming links available at and you will not need to purchase any additional software. This means that there will be no need for any extra equipment or cables. While a broadband connection will mean a more stable connection, you will be able to view basketball live even with a dial up connection. As an added bonus, no longer will your ability to watch live streaming basketball video be hindered by local tv blackouts or other restrictions, nor will you need to wait for a delayed broadcast or access basketball games on demand.

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