What Should You be Doing Before a Football Game

Football players and athletes alike are a superstitious bunch! Each one of them has their own methods of preparing for a match. Some of them like to mix things around and do things differently each time. But others stick to a specific routine that they follow to perfection.

They do this to ensure that every time they walk onto a pitch the results will be positive. The most usual thing that one has to do physically is to rest at least 8-9 hours before a match.

But what other things do football players to do prepare for the game?


Preparing for a big game by visualizing the outcome is what most players do. Thinking in your head about how you are going to react in a certain situation is actually helpful. You have already prepared your body to perform as best as you could. Now it is time to train your mind. Muscle memory is there to react in accordance when the ball comes to you but if you train your mind as well you will be able to create the connection between mind and body that will ensure success.


Eating properly before a match is an important factor. All football players need to eat well in order to get in shape for a match. But the evening before a match one has to consume healthy food that will give them the energy to perform the next day. Foods like chicken, whole grain pasta, and fish are the best as they will give you enough energy to perform. Avoid chocolate or sugar as it will only give you short bursts of energy and you won’t have enough for the whole game.


Having a routine is what most players are about. Acutely, we all have a certain routine that we stick to in our daily lives. Morning routines are important as it helps you start your day. This is why a routine before a match is equally paramount for certain players to perform well. A routine before a match will different for each individual. Whether it comes to stretching, listening to a specific song, meditating, or whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do what matters is that it suits you personally.


A lot of football players relax by listening to music. Actually, this way of preparing oneself is utilized by many people for other sorts of situations. Choosing a good playlist and listening to it before a match will ensure positive results. It will get you pumped up and will at the same time relax you. Even the very deed of you choosing the right compilation of songs will be beneficial for a player.

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