What skills do you need to be good at basketball?

Basketball has been around for a long time. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world, thanks to its fast-paced, exciting gameplay and entertaining personalities on and off the court. If you’re thinking about getting into basketball or just want to get better at it, here are some skills that will help your game.


The ability to dribble is a basic skill that every player must possess. Dribbling is the act of bouncing the ball with your hand or forearm. Before you can even think about shooting, passing or trying fancy moves with the ball, you need to know how to dribble.

You can dribble with either hand and many players do it interchangeably depending on their dominant hand. 


Passing is the act of throwing a ball to another player. Passing is used to move the ball around the court, and it’s an important skill in basketball.

In order to be good at passing, you’ll need a lot of practice. There are many different things you can do to work on your passing game:

Play some pick-up games with friends – or better yet, play with people who are better than you so that they can make sure your passes go where they’re supposed to! You might also want to pay attention if any adults come over and ask if anyone wants help playing basketball – this could be helpful for improving your skills even more quickly than practising alone would allow!

Play backyard hoops or driveway basketball – these games don’t require fancy equipment like nets or backboards (unless there’s snow outside).


Follow-through is important for shooting because it helps you keep your balance and helps you shoot a straight ball. If you don’t follow through, you’ll fall over when shooting and your shot will be off-balance. When learning to shoot, don’t worry about power or accuracy at first; instead focus on getting consistent follow-throughs. Once that’s down, then work on adding power and accuracy.


You can’t win if you don’t make shots!

There are two types of shots: jump shots and layups/dunks. When should you use each? Well, jumpers are used when your defender is behind or beside you and layups/dunks when they’re in front of or underneath you (or out of the way). But there are other things to consider as well: Do they have their hands up? Are they jumping? How far away from them are you? Are there any other players around that might block your shot? These questions help determine which type of shot will work best given the situation at hand.

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