Climbing Essentials – The Most Important Gear that You Need

So you have decided to take up climbing. This is a great sport to start doing as it really exerts your entire body and puts a strain on it. It combines the mental and physical side of things together.

But whichever way you have decided to start, there are some rules that you need to follow. One of them is preparing well and getting your equipment in order. Whether you are a beginner or an expert climber, here are some important pieces of equipment you can’t go without.


A set of quickdraws is the base type of equipment you will need for climbing. Sport routes usually have a set of anchor lines drilled into the rock. So climbers simply need to follow the route to climb, but they also need a set of quickdraws to help them go through it.

There are shorter and longer ones. Shorter ones are not so bulky and are lighter on your harness. They are best used for straight forward routes. Bigger ones reduce rope drag and are specifically good for meandering routes or when one needs to overhung a cliff. Combining the two of them is the best way to go.

Climbing Shoes

A good pair of shoes is essential for climbers. You need quality ones, down-turned climbing shoes with a pointed toe that can help you overcome even the most aggressive routes. This style of shoes does not only feel good on your feet when you climb, but it also keeps your feet from cutting on overhung sections. Furthermore, it allows you to take advance of toe hooks as well. Do not underestimate the necessity of a good pair of climbing shoes.

Chalk Bag and Chalk

A chalk bag may be a simple item in this case but it is an essential one to have. It is an important piece of equipment for climbers and one should never leave home without it.

Chalk dries out moisture from your hands and helps you get a better grip. That is why having enough of it as you climb is more than essential.

When choosing a chalk bag, you should look for those with a waist belt and a draw cord as it will prevent the chalk from falling out of the bag.

A Helmet

Actually, many climbers decide not to wear a helmet as it deters them from climbing. This was certainly the case with old versions that were a bit bulky and definitely heavy. It did protect you but it also caused discomfort when climbing. But the new modern versions are much lighter and should be a part of your regular equipment when climbing.

The Right Rope

Having the right rope with you in sports climbing is a very important aspect and a necessary piece of equipment. You should have one that is light and also strong enough. The best ones can be a bit expensive but as long as they can support your weight and help you in tough situations you will be happy to have them.

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