Fantasy Basketball in 2020 – More than Just a Game

With the 2020 NBA season already being one of the most interesting ones in recent times, fans of Fantasy Basketball are getting the most out of it.

Changes that happened at the start of the season where stars like Anthony Davis. Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler moved to different teams promised the rattle the landscape of the NBA as we know it. But fans of Fantasy Basketball saw this as an opportunity to retool their teams; they compared the odds, much like cricket fans do when they find best cricket betting apps, or any other sports in that matter, and wisely chose which team deserved their full support.

So what makes Fantasy Basketball so great? Why do many people see it more than just a mere game?

Fantasy Basketball is more Challenging

When you compare Fantasy Basketball to other sports like football or soccer you will realize how actually challenging it can be. First of all, the NBA season is long, really long. Each team plays a total of 82 games a year. Some of them come on back-to-back nights and certain teams play three to four games a week.

It is really challenging to keep up with everything that is happening and being successful. Changes happen fast and if you don’t follow them it will affect your ranking.

Your Starters are what’s Important

Choosing the right starts for your fantasy basketball match is highly important. Placing the right ones in your starting lineup will make or break your game. And if you chose the right ones for an entire year it will make your season a successful one. But it can also make it a losing season if you go down on your luck.

Fantasy basketball is unique as it places more value on its starters than any other game out there. Fantasy football, for example, can help with bench players doing their part. But here the bench is not of great help.

Fantasy Basketball Players Affect the Game More

Basketball by itself is a very versatile game. A single paler will gather a ton of stats both in defense and offense. At the end of the game, you will get a whole bunch of stats that can determine how well a player did during a match. This is a very important aspect of fantasy basketball.

Opposed to other sports, there are not many starts gathered there. A single player in fantasy basketball can affect the game much more than in other fantasy games.

Trash Talk is a Must

If you really want to get into the NBA spirit than you have to get used to and get good at trash talking. Some of the best players in the league have been great at trash talking. Kevin Garnett, for instance, was not only remembered for blocking and dunking. He had a lot of fun things to say to the opposing players.

When it comes to fantasy basketball, you have to option of connecting during the game and trash talking to your opponent. Whether you blocked him or did an ankle-breaker, everything goes. As long as we are civilized and remain friends after the game, of course.

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