Best Exercise Apps for Home Workouts

Working out and being able to do all your daily duties sometimes doesn’t go hand in hand. It can be a real hassle of trying to make it to a gym after a busy day at work. It gets even harder when additional chores start to rack up.

Luckily, just like we always manage to fit in chatting with people or visiting to find the best promotions, there are ways for us to find time to exercise at home. There are tons of useful apps available today that can allow you to do a proper workout session at home. However, since there are many of them sometimes you can’t really know which is the best one.

Here are some of the best workout apps that you can check out that have been designed by professionals.

Aaptiv (Android, iPhone, Apple Watch)

Aaptiv is a very unique kind of an app as it offers guided voice workout sessions. Many other apps depend on you looking at a video or a set of pictures that shows you how the exercises go. But this one has a voice command that clearly explains everything to you and gives you instructions. It even cheers you on while you exercise. Aaptiv comes with licensed music during sessions so you don’t have to waste time choosing a playlist for working out.

Fitbit Coach (Windows 10, Hololens, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xbox)

Once you start your workout session with Fitbit Coach you will need to go through a fitness test. That way you will determine your fitness goals and clearly understand how to continue. But an additional perk here is being able to choose your fitness instructor. You can choose from a number of professionals that will provide tips and tricks and will lead you through your exercise routine in a safe and easy manner.

Asana Rebel (Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV)

Yoga enthusiasts will benefit greatly from Asana Rebel. This is an app mainly aimed at people that want to practice yoga at home. But it offers so much more as it has other really helpful tools added. It offers tips on how to relax and lead a healthier life. It is especially good as it provides tips for better sleep and general lifestyle habits.

Nike Training Club (Android, iPhone, Apple Watch)

Even though this app is sponsored by Nike, it comes free both to download and it also provides numerous workout sessions without charge. However, there are a plethora of reminders while you use the app that it has been developed by Nike. If you can weave through all of that you can get a pretty decent training app. Enter the information that is required and you will get the calculation or an offered set of exercises based on your fitness goals.  

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