Train Like a Professional Football Player

Modern football is a very demanding sport! Professional football players are man-machines that are capable of sprinting down the field for 90 minutes and doing it again tomorrow morning. They are as strong as an ox and have the aerobic capacity of a cheetah. They are capable of doing this due to rigorous training they are subjected to every day.

So like the Daft Punk song implies, football players work Harder, so they can perform Better, and are much Faster and considerably Stronger than others while the bettors using Tonybet bonus code are trying to get most of their football knowledge and available information in order to guess the game results played by those professionals!

But how does one gain all these physical attributes?

Hitting the Gym

Becoming stronger is the basis for being a good football player. You can’t develop all the other attributes before building your foundation. This means that creating core strength and making your back and legs stronger is essential.

This is achieved by doing strength exercises and explosive exercises in the gym. So make sure to utilize weightlifting, suspension training, and all the grind to develop your endurance in a gym.

Movement Patterns

Putting on a lot of muscle in the gym is not essential for football players. Sure you have to get stronger, but you have to be lean as well. Thus you have to utilize various movement patterns and incorporate them into your training.

This becomes apparent when working out as you are able to avoid injuries and will be capable of developing speed at the same time. Combining essential movement patterns with gym workouts is paramount in modern training.

A Lot of Sprinting

Your average football player is capable of racking up about 10km of movement during a regular game. Wayne Rooney, for instance, clocks in 11km on average. So in order to be able to move on the pitch a lot of running and sprinting is going to be required.

Some of the key components that one has to work on include sprint ability, acceleration and deceleration, maximum velocity, and changing directions. So make sure to include these in your training. Break them down and work on it individually.


Doing all of the previous exercises will eventually get you where you are heading. But only the players with enough dedication are going to go places. So not giving up and being completely focused on your training routine is what will help you develop professional footballer’s fitness.

This does not only include doing well during a training session or in the gym. You have to be 100% focused off the pitch. This also means eating correctly and consuming the right proteins to get your body in better shape.


Here is what makes or breaks a player. Getting yourself motivated to get up early in the morning, each day, and do the necessary routine day in and day out is where real players are made. Getting up and doing everything is the hard part, but deciding to sleep in and postponing everything is the easy way out.

So the option that you choose when your alarm clock rings will determine if you are built for this or not.  

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