What are the Most Boring Sports in the World?

Last-minute game-winners!

Impossible comebacks!

Costly mistakes!

Power dunks and equalizers that lead to added periods of play!

All of these things are what makes sports exciting. It is what puts people in the seats and what makes them jump from the edge of their seats when it happens.

All of these are part of every sport… Except for these ones

The sports that we are going to mention here today have none of those. Today we are talking about the most boring sports in the world.


Have you ever watched golf? Of course, you didn’t why would you! Golf involves a person having to use a specific club and putting a ball into a hole from a range of 80 to 600 yards. Although it can be exciting to see somebody getting a hole in one from a large distance, it almost rarely happens.

The thing that you often see is people deciding on a club to use for several minutes. Getting ready to hit the ball for several minutes more. Finally, hitting the ball. And then going for a ride for 20 minutes to the next stop. Oh, and nobody gets to talk during the match. It is eerily silent. 


Although cricket is seen as an exciting sport for countries that do understand it, the rest of the world can’t seem to get the grasp of it. It is similar to baseball and yet it isn’t. The same way that everybody except the US enjoys baseball the similarities continue with the rest of the world, except Britain and its former colonies, not being able to understand cricket.

You watch people hitting this ball with a funny-looking bat on a rectangular field. Sometimes they manage to hit the ball but most of the time they don’t. Also, there are three wooden stumps there and there are loads of excitement that happens in regards to them. Except that thing rarely happens. Oh, and did I mention that a single match can last for days?


Playing darts does not require any specific physical abilities. You don’t have to be in shape. You can eat nuts while playing it. You can drink all the beer that you want as long as it does not impeach you of being able to hit the target. And you have to be great at adding numbers. Oh, wait! There’s a machine that does that for you! My mistake.


So the game is played on ice. There’s this person, let’s call him a pitcher, that swings a rock, as I heard this thing is called and lets it slide on the ice. It is supposed to hit some kind of target and land in the middle of it to get points.

While the rock slides, there are these sanitation workers who are apparently part of the team that uses brooms to clean the surface in front of the rock. If they do a good job cleaning, the rock will end up in a good position. Okay, let’s see what’s on the other channel.

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